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I'm a 65-year old American Patriot. Unlike many who use that label, I am a Liberal and Progressive Democrat. A Political Junkie from a young age, I watch, read, and blog about American Politics daily. Proud Parent of two adult children, and super-proud Grandfather to two Bright and Beautiful Granddaughters, I come from a Family of 8 children. We lost Our older Sister in 1989, and the remaining 7 of Us, and our Children, Grandchildren and huge extended Families are as close as are we Siblings ! Family means a lot to me, and my concern for Our younger generations, and the America we hope to leave them, is what motivates my concern for the Environment of the Planet, as well as the Political Climate, which in recent years has been in a steady decline. As a 4-Tour Vietnam Veteran, I am also concerned about the treatment of The War on Terror's Veterans, and how they are treated and cared for when they come home. Most all Vietnam Vet's consider these newest combat Vet's welfare to be our number 1 concern, as We never want to see a future generation of Service Men and Women be mistreated and neglected like we were on Our return Home.

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